Sample Chain Wallet

Sample Chain Wallet is a sample implementation of the wallet client with a graphical user interface. It supports wallet management and funds transfer.



Right now, the Sample Chain Wallet does not provide one-click installation or pre-built binary. You will have to build from source code.

Please follow the instructions to build and run the sample wallet.

Start ClientRPC

Sample wallet is powered by ClientRPC. To run the Sammple Wallet, you will have to start the ClientRPC by following the instructions.

Wallet Management

Create Wallet

  1. Click "Add Wallet" at the left side navigation menu;
  2. Enter your desired wallet name and passphrase in the popup;
  3. Click "Create", and your wallet is created.

Wallet List

Wallet you owned are listed at the left side navigation menu

List Transactions

  1. Select a wallet from the wallet list;
  2. Unlock your wallet with the passphrase;
  3. You can view the list of transactions related to this wallet.

Send and Receive Funds

Send Funds

To send funds to another address, you will have to first obtain the other party's address and their view key.

  1. Unlock your wallet with the passphrase;
  2. Click the Send button on the top right-hand corner;
  3. Fill in the amount, recipient CRO address, view key and confirm with your passphrase;
  4. Click Confirm;
  5. Preview and make sure the information is correct;
  6. Click Send.
### Receive Funds

To receive funds, you will need to present your address and view key to the sender; these can be obtained by:

  1. Unlock your wallet;
  2. Click Receive at the top right-hand cornder;
  3. Copy your recipient address and view key.